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    How do I trust an Ethical hacker?

    Approach this industry with a healthy dose of skepticism. When you engage and make payments through our platform, you can trust that we are committed to upholding fairness and ensuring a balanced, trustworthy relationship between all parties involved.

    Do I pay the hacker directly?

    To maintain a secure environment, we kindly request that all payments be made exclusively through our platform, following the provided instructions. In the event that a hacker requests payment outside of our platform, please promptly report this to us at [email protected].

    For each job, we generate a dedicated invoice featuring a unique Job Number. This invoice includes comprehensive job details, real-time status updates, applicable terms, and step-by-step payment instructions. Please ensure all payments are made exclusively to the invoice associated with your specific job.

    Can I pay using my credit card?

    We're pleased to offer a variety of convenient payment options to accommodate your needs. You can use all major credit and debit cards for payments, and for certain countries, we also accept PayPal. Once you're ready to make a payment, we'll send you an invoice that specifies the payment options available for your specific job, ensuring a seamless and tailored experience.

    Can I dispute if there is a problem with the work done?

    Certainly! To address any concerns or disputes, please reach out to us by sending an email to EMAIL ADDRESS. In your email, kindly include your Job Reference Number along with a clear description of the issues you're facing. We are committed to prompt resolution and aim to address disputes within 48 hours. Our core principle is to uphold equitable trade practices, ensuring fairness for all parties involved in a transaction.

    Do you provide proof of work?

    In the past, we permitted the provision of proof; however, this led to misuse and misunderstandings among our users. As a result, we no longer provide sample data, names, contacts, photos, or screenshots. This precautionary measure is in place to prevent certain users from exploiting such information to harm potential victims without fulfilling their payment obligations. It's important to note that we release payment to the hacker only after you have given your explicit approval, ensuring a secure and reliable transaction process.