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Online reputation management

Online reputation management

Online Reputation Management (ORM) refers to the maintenance of an online image for any individual, organisation or business enterprise. It is all about maintaining the brand image – the core principle of a PR company.

  • So how important is it ?

In order to do even the simplest of things, we use the search engine Google these days. Also the reviews for any page, ranging from something as simple as a accessory store to a restaurant to clothing, most of consumerism happens based on ratings and reviews. So, in order to establish oneself as an entity, it is primarily essential to have a proper digital footprint and maintain a reputation.

  • What do we aim to achieve as a result of online reputation management?


There are two key layers for the usage of online reputation. The first is to modify or create the existing information in the online world. (Social media, third party reviews, search engines etc.)

The second layer is to boost up the online media presence ladder. The ramp up to be ranked as number one on search engine sites is one of the end goals of ORM.

  • Few tips to achieve ORM


  1. To build a good name all of a sudden in the especially booming digital world might seem like a Goliath task. However, one option to look at, would be to approach a proper agency who can take care of all your needs at a proper rate.
  2. Use up online tools or softwares to study the branding image of how to boost up the reputation of your entity
  3. Read a lot about what your successors or competitors are up to for building up their brand image
  4. It is not only important to have an account and profile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. But you have to figure out ways to as to how to revolutionize your brand image with it, with the help of studies from digital marketers who do this on a daily basis
  5. Try listening to podcasts and do a self analysis about your brand, as in the reviews, feedbacks from the point of view of a third party and not as an inmate of the brand itself to get a different perspective and see how things can be scaled up online.
  6. PR is very important. That is, whenever there is a need for anything to be put up online, double check the information for facts and proofread them to make sure that it is entirely foolproof and grammatically correct to develop reliability on the data and standards of the organisation
  7. Rely on quality books for content on maximising digital footprint strategies to escalate your growth on everything literally from social media platforms to survey rankings etc.
  8. Constantly check out for the reviews of your entity online and see how that can be customised
  9. Let people know when you receive positive feedback. Thank them for it and create an emotional connect with them.
  10. You can also respond to negative comments and criticism and try to rectify and sort out the issues amicably with the critics
  11. Make the reviews from people on a display on your website so that people will acknowledge you for being credential and authentic
  12. Another important groundbreaking revolution these days is the optimisation of content through SEO. So if possible, spend quality time in investing in SEO studies to up your digital presence
  13. Most importantly, consistency is key. In this fast growing world of digital media, content and technology, it is only plausible to survive in the digital pace by keeping pace. It means maintaining consistency in the work, content and deliverables.
  14. Keep up your promises. If there is a deadline with the customer, make sure that the work is flawless, acceptable for reviews and feedbacks and then, especially stick to your words, unless otherwise there is an emergency.
  15. Develop a plan for handling online crises or negative publicity. Swift and transparent responses can help mitigate damage.

In ORM, the growth factor is all dependent on your custom client or customers. So whenever there is work on ORM, the ultimate base point should be towards customer satisfaction and to build their trust and gain their confidence to be able to get a positive growth curve trajectory in the digital world of social media and technology. It is always a good idea to put yourself in the shoes of the consumer, to gain a better understanding of the emotional needs and to empathise better with the customers on their point of views. ORM cannot happen overnight. It is a slow process that can be steadily built upon most of the available resources in this century.

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  • Joseph

    This article provides a comprehensive overview of Online Reputation Management (ORM), emphasizing its critical role in today’s digital landscape. ORM has become paramount due to the pervasive use of search engines and reliance on online reviews and ratings in consumer decision-making. The article offers valuable tips for achieving effective ORM, encompassing strategies like utilizing online tools, staying informed about competitors, leveraging social media, and investing in SEO studies. Moreover, it underscores the importance of consistency, customer satisfaction, and transparency in ORM efforts.

    In addition to the mentioned strategies, another crucial aspect of ORM involves proactive engagement with your audience. Actively responding to reviews, both positive and negative, showcases attentiveness and a willingness to address concerns, enhancing credibility. Additionally, integrating user-generated reviews directly on your website establishes authenticity and transparency, bolstering the trustworthiness of your brand. Overall, ORM isn’t just about building a brand image but nurturing lasting relationships with your audience, fostering trust, and ultimately ensuring a positive trajectory in the digital realm.

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